Blockchain Project Development

Tailored Advisory

No two projects are alike, we provide you with a precise and tailored advice according to your project.

Design & Creation

Our graphic team is able to design your universe. From UX design to NFT creation, everything is possible.


To move beyond the conceptual stage, our experts take care of building your ideal product.

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A unique and fresh company.

Our project analysis and ideas allow our clients to constantly innovate.

Each project is more than a simple case, we always strive to satisfy our clients' requirements and to think of the projects as a whole so that the user experience is always optimal.

What we can do for you

Services designed for your convenience.

Because coding is only one part of our work,
the essential is in the guidance.

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Blockchain Advisor

Our Blockchain consultants are industry experts. We' ll work with you to design your product and make it evolve in the right direction.

If your project is already in place, we can help you in the reflexion and the implementation of element suitable to his evolution.

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Graphic Design

The graphic aspect of a project is essential. It is necessary that this one marks it and gives him the satisfaction of a qualitative product. Also the design serve to make the experience pleasant.

Our expertise are in the conceptions of UX design, logo & graphic guidelines.

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The economics of a Blockchain project revolve around a token. It can be proprietary to the platform or not. In any case, tokenomics study is essential to ensure the viability of the project.

Our tokenomics advisors will conduct maths simulations of the economy for your project.

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Our ability to implement your NFT project is unmatched. Our teams can handle the design and experience of MINT holders and use cases.

2D and 3D design is an integral part that our team handles. Our various artists will be able to design the NFT of your dreams.

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Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Cryptocurrency fundraising (ICO) powers projects. They are an often indispensable step to acquire the funds necessary to conduct your project.

Our past experiences have allowed us to develop different platforms to accompany you in your fundraising goals.

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Decentralized applications put your use cases into action. The objective is to put into practice the promises of your token.

From the development of a DEX to the Play 2 Earn, all your desires are achievable. We will take care to make your ideas a reality.

Our projects

Some of our recent work

They trusted us, and we are proud of the work we accomplished together.

Manage your money, and much more.

FDecentralized investment fund managed by a token.

Become an owner from only 1€, incredible.

Collect Juices with your mutant farms.

A new way to experience entertainment

Experts flourish

The growth of our company

We have grown significantly over the past 5 years.


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